Meet our team

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Elanie Paredes

Founder & Executive Director

Pronouns: She/her


Marley McAliley

Deputy Director

Pronouns: She/her

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Alondra Aguilar

Director of Public Relations

Pronouns: She/her


Elanie is currently a senior at Barnard College where she studies Political Science and Public Health. Elanie is passionate about gender justice and reproductive justice both of which drive her desire to create change. She has worked with Planned Parenthood of New York City and the Young Women’s Initiative by Girls for Gender Equity to advocate for policy changes on the local and national level. Additionally, Elanie is a meditation guide and reiki practitioner and believes that by connecting to our higher most loving selves we can begin to create change.

 Marley is a junior at Columbia University studying Political Science and African American Studies, a combination that reflects her desire to enact change. As a sexual health educator with Peer Health Exchange and a life-long advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, Marley has always been passionate about physical and mental wellness in teens. After four years of volunteering with young women who had been sexually trafficked and exploited, Marley was eager to join the Ignited Voices team in 2017 and work directly with young WOC to spread the message of bodily autonomy and reproductive justice.

 Alondra Aguilar is a sophomore at Columbia University on the pre-med track with a major in the Comparative Literature department, Medicine, Literature, and Society. Alondra hopes to combine her interests in medicine and humanities through the field of public health and by finding ways to talk about ongoing health issues in the community. While volunteering and living in underserved communities throughout the country and in Mexico, she realized what an immense impact adequate health education can make on a woman's life and is excited to contribute through Ignited Voices.