Fellowship Program

The Ignited Voices Fellowship Program offers young cis and trans women and gender non-conforming folks of color ages 14-18 the opportunity to participate in weekly workshops which aim to empower, educate, and transform fellows into powerful leaders in their communities. We work with our fellows to embrace their identities and develop their leadership skills through our unique comprehensive approach.

Core Pillars 

These four core pillars guide the curriculum and goals of our Fellowship Program. 

Social Justice: Social justice is at the root of our Fellowship Program. Fellows will discuss and analyze a wide range of social justice issues with a specific focus on reproductive, gender, and racial justice.

Action: Fellows will have the option to participate in Ignited Voices actions that will expose them to advocacy and community initiatives.

Leadership: Our workshops focus on developing the leadership skills of our fellows and preparing them to take on leadership roles in their communities. 

Resilience: As change-makers, we need to ensure that we prioritize our health and practice self-care. Through our healing practices we provide fellows with the tools to heal and prevent burn out. 


How to apply

Interested in becoming a fellow? 

Application deadline has been extended to October 26th. Space is limited.